MIDE’S INSIGHT : Are Men Expected To Show Emotions, Empathy And Kindness? (WATCH VIDEO)

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It’s all about Men on today’s edition of Mide’s Insight Season 2 on Mide Blaze TV.

On the last episode we made a post asking how our gender or looks defines us and the comment section was so interesting. In case you missed it, CLICK HERE

Are boys/men expected to show emotions, empathy and kindness?

For the longest time now especially in African societies it is almost compulsory or a requirement that all men/boys have to be very tough and strong regardless of whatever comes your way.

By implication this means your are expected not to show emotions, empathy, kindness or show any soft side that (African society) expect from girls/women. Is my emotion a question of who I am (male/female)?

What are the implications of all the above societal expectations from the male child and on the society at large ? What are the Societal expectations from both genders with respect to self expression and emotion.

We got some handful of interesting responses.

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