MIDE’S INSIGHT : Will You Ever Ask Him To Date You If He’s Attractive? (WATCH VIDEO)

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It’s relationship talk on today’s episode of Mide’s Insight Season 2 on Mide Blaze TV.

Our presenter, Mr Ayo on this edition is on the street of Lagos to ask Nigerians Ladies if they will you ever ask a guy to date them if he’s attractive?.

The people we like sometimes might not like us back the same way we do or sometimes shy to express how they fell for various reasons ranging from rejection in the past and other bad experiences.

Hence an extra push from the other person might just help in sparking things up. On this episode we ask if expressing how a person feels to the opposite sex is a question of the gender involved.

Is it really true that most women still find it difficult in the 21st century to express how they feel to a guy ? Who or what made it solely the job of a guy to always make the first attempt ?

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Will You Ever Ask Him To Date You If He’s Attractive?

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